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I wrote a letter to my beloved friends on the East Coast in upstate New York. I am sharing most of the letter in hope it may provide protection and healing. 

Here's the information I emailed them.

>San Francisco has declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus. It doesn't surprise me due to our international hub here in the bay area.

My partner and I went to Rosemary's, our local herb shop, the original owner Rosemary moved her educational program close to Vermont. She is a world renowned herbalist. 

They are offering the following recommendations to protect from the coronavirus:


My family, my partner and I have used everything on her list when we get the rare cold or flu and the herbs work. We have a stash of these herbs just in case we are not feeling well.

Yesterday, at the herbal shop we bought anti viral, immune boosting and lung health  mushrooms in spray and tinctures.

After, watching the Fantastic Fungi movie, we have been reminded of the healing properties of mushrooms. 

A couple years ago,  one of my relatives was diagnosed with a huge, the biggest the doctors have ever seen (their words) malignant tumor in his intestines.  

He started taking tinctures of 
Turkey Tail,  Lionsmane and other species that have healing properties for people who have cancer.

His surgery was postponed twice, he continued with the tinctures.  Several weeks later, during surgery,  the doctors found the tumor encapsulated and were able to remove all of it. Now he is 100 percent cancer free.

Was it the mushrooms? We believe so.

We have been using mushroom tinctures and now sprays for almost 10 years.

There are several brands and Rosemary's or your local herbalist can help find the best ones to protect against viral infections. 

I encourage you to check them out.

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