Beat up Body

Sweet Horse
Last night, my body was feeling beat up. I am back working in the kitchen, which I love, at a senior center in my favorite part of town. Kitchen work can be brutal on the body and I need to learn how take care of my body.  I haven't had a great respect or consistent respect for my health. I have taken it for granted. I'm used to my body doing what I TELL IT TO DO.

I don't take no for an answer.

These days, I'm feeling the effects, the pain and limitation from my neglect.

This weekend when my partner and I were out at the coast, we stopped by a "rent a horse" stable. I felt compassion for the mare in the photo above. I am assuming she was tied, waiting for a visitor to purchase a time slot for a trail ride along the coast.

As I petted her and massaged her neck, she finally relaxed licking and chewing.  Horses lick and chew, kind of like our deep sigh, exhalation,  when we feel relaxed and can let go.

I felt for her. She didn't really have a choice of how her day to day life unfolds. On the other side, the barn she lives at has beautiful pastures, clean paddocks, companions and the fresh breeze blowing off the coast.

And I really don't know the whole truth of her life and how she feels about it.

I do know the truth of my life.

I need to listen to my body, ask for help when I need it, and not get caught up in measuring my worth by how much I CAN DO.

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