Eating Plants

Plant Based Dinner
My partner and I with his push are following the 80/20 rule and eating mostly plant based food.

It feels good.

I've been a vegan and vegetarian most of my life on and off. When I eat dairy and meat, I don't feel good inside. My body doesn't feel good and I feel bad for the animals I eat knowing they have individual personalities and spirits just like me.

My parents have a chicken named Lucy who lives in their house with the dogs. She is right up there in the pecking order.

My parents went out of town for New Years and my partner and I stayed over at their house to take care of the animals. Lucy was fast asleep on her sleeping post in the living room.

At midnight,  when a gunshot sounded before the fireworks went off, Lucy made this whimper sound. My partner and I looked at each other feeling for Lucy. When you have animals, fireworks kind of suck.

We are not fanatics about what we eat and we don't want to make people feel uncomfortable about our choices. And it doesn't mean we are going to be perfect or never eat animal products.

We are just being conscious about it and with so many plant based options now, it's easy and tastes good.

My partner made the dinner in the photo. Tomato soup with non dairy sour cream, salad with herb dressing, and grilled cheese from Miyokos.

Miyokos is a local company that produces non dairy cheeses and butters that taste yummy. Her sales are flourishing and she is starting to assist our local dairies that are struggling to change from animal based agriculture to plant based producing cheeses at their farms.

Here's her website for more info

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