Fear or Joy

Mendocino a Couple Weeks Ago
Fear or Joy.

It is my choice which state I choose to live in.

We have not had rain for weeks where I live in Sonoma County.  Today, it's going to be in the high 70's. My favorite kind of weather.  The flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, the sea is a constant change of light and color and the animals are napping full body stretch on top of lush green pastures. Oranges, bright yellow lemons and tiny tangerines recently plucked from neighboring gardens cover the community table at my work.

It is Eden here.

On the front page of the paper, attempted murders loom, a killer virus runs rampant and our newspaper speculates on how severe our fire season will be which now runs half the year from July through December until the winter rains come, if they do.

We have suffered, died, and lived through two apocalyptic fires that have wiped out thousands of homes and hundreds of lives non human and human within 3 years.

This is reality.

Where I do I choose to live?

In joy or fear.

I choose to live in the joy of seeing our first butterfly sip nector on a rebirthed flower, to watch the grey whales migrate past Pt. Reyes through March, and I wait to see the coyote sitting proud in the golden grasses this summer.

From now on, we live with catastrophic fires in our future.

But more important we walk a path of rebirth and hope that joy is waiting for us around each corner.