Walking our new neighborhood?

Billy Goat
This morning my partner and I took a walk in the neighborhood we want to live in. It is within a beautiful  mile walk from my work at the senior center.

We visited the community art center, the public pool which uses saltwater not chlorine( I miss swimming and plan on getting a swim pass soon!), the independent bookstore and the herbal shop next door, and the neighborhood activists at the crosswalk, one corner calling for peace (women dressed in black), and the other corner calling for protecting the Laguna where the wild animals thrive (egrets,  great herons, fox, the occasional mountain lion, and various amphibious creatures). The causes change as frequent as the seasons, a reminder of what is happening in our community.

Here. I feel home. In my heart.

Passing through the neighborhood we stopped at a small farm within blocks of the town center.

Goat. I love goats. This Billy Goat indulged me by leaning against the fence so I could scratch that favorite spot behind the impressive horns along his neck and back.

Back home, I can still smell his strong scent. My window is open, I can hear birds cackling above the traffic noise on the busy streets below.

I am dreaming of a new home, a life of simple pleasures, and good work