Where the River Meets the Sea

Sonoma County,  Ca
On Sunday, we drove out to the cliffs to look for bald eagles where the river meets the sea. A local famous couple lives here. They have been photographed hundreds of times, have appeared in the newspapers and raised their family here. If you are fortunate enough,  you can spot them side by side on rock, large trunks of driftwood or soaring across the sky diving for steelhead. I have not had the fortune of seeing them yet.

My partner recently bought me a pair of field binoculars.  The sea was a brilliant teal, with fresh new eyes I watched through the lens a pair of sea lions facing each other in the water dipping down below, rising back up together.  Dozens of harbor seals napped next to hundreds of seagulls. All together sleeping in the sun.

Further down, closer to the river, we sat on a bench with binoculars at hand, we watched a group of ospreys hunt together with loons below.  The water shimmered and danced underneath a pair of duck like birds. Curious, we checked the birder reference guides at the visitor center next door. I tried to match the ducks with the identification page while my partner chatted with the volunteer at the counter. I overheard her tell him she witnessed one of the juvenile bald eagles swoop down and take a steelhead salmon from one of the ospreys fresh from a hunt.

We are learning that when we slow down and not engage in a frenzy of activities and distraction,  we see more wildlife. The animals come out of the shadows and hiding places and let us into their world.

In their world,  there is a sense of peace and order. There is violence and bloodshed too, but it is different.  The wild animals take only what is needed.

They know in a deep sense what is enough.

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