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Redwood Grove

I haven't had a chance to take photos which I love to do for my blog. Instead, I am going back and digging through my archives to post photos from the past.

I see there is a running theme with my photos. Oceans and Redwoods. 

Oceans and Redwoods are my sanctuary.  Where I can let go and find peace.

I remember years ago, in my late twenties I worked for an emergency vet. I worked the swing shift from 3 pm until midnight.  It was fast paced. You never knew what to expect.  One moment I was caring for a parvo puppy in an isolation unit, the next hour I was assisting the vet during an emergency surgery.

The job was going well. I didn't care for the hours, but I loved learning and the spontaneity of it all. The two men who ran the practice enjoyed passing their knowledge to me even though I was only a vet tech. Vet techs didn't really have the status or licensing back then like they do now.

A few months into the job, a young graduate vet student younger than me came to work there. I liked her at first, she was intense and excited about practicing medicine. She taught me about analgesics. Pain meds were not common either in the 90s. Animals were not routinely given meds to relieve pain.

This was a huge awakening for me. Her knowledge helped me care for my own animals better.

Soon, after she arrived, she started verbally being abusive to me. She would yell. Shame. And berate. For anything she could find that I was doing wrong.  No matter how hard I tried, I wasn't good enough. 

I started getting depressed.  I procrastinated getting ready for work. I dreaded the end of a day off.

It didn't last long. I could feel the damage being done to my spirit.  

I called the owner of the practice,  one of the men who I respected and had worked with before the graduate had taken over the hospital. 

I let him know I could no longer stay there and why. He tried to talk me into staying.  

I remember clearly telling him "no" firmly as I stood in a phone booth underneath a grove of Redwoods.  The strength and spirit of the Redwoods feeding me courage to make the call.

After, I hung up the phone, I remember feeling free. I breathed in the scent of the Redwoods and readyed myself for a new beginning. 

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