Beach Trip

Redwoods,  Sonoma County 
I am starting to write,  not having much to say, but I am committing myself to write at least once a day. I feel it is important especially when Monday through Thursday I am pretty consumed with my work.

My feet are sore. My back is sore. My heart feels good and I am determined to get passed the physical discomfort of sweating it out in the kitchen.

I am so ready for a trip to the beach. One of our guests told me about the new visitor center that opened up out at Bodega Bay. It's supposed to be really nice, perched out over the bay next to the Tides Restaurant.

I'm there. Just got to get there. Hopefully this weekend. I love going to The Tides to watch the sea lions bark at the fishermen for scraps.

I love the coast. Everything about it. I love the taste of salt air on my lips, the changes in weather and color, the animals, the endless ocean, the migrating whales, pods of dolphins and playful otters. I even love the seagulls so ordinary and extraordinary in their way of life at the sea.

Yes, I am ready for a trip to the beach.


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