Bringing the Green In

A couple weeks ago, I noticed large bushes of rosemary blooming through out town. We have four large bushes in our front yard. I watched dozens of honey bees harvest pollen from the lilac colored flowers. Scooting some of the bees, I let them know I was only going to take a vase full of branches. They buzzed a warning and continued their work.

I arranged a bouquet for the kitchen hoping Rosemary's antiviral properties will infuse our living space.

Yesterday,  I visited a small farm a couple miles away. The 87 year old farmer entertained me with jokes and storytelling as I picked out rich grass green asparagus,  fragrant basil, oregano,  and a dozen eggs from a small free range farm down the way.

I said to the farmer, "you must be swamped with everyone out hunting down groceries, they must love your greens and veggies."

"No, it's been slow, just a couple people every hour or so."

His farm brimming with fresh picked spring produce is a half mile from the nearest Walmart neighborhood grocery story with shelves ransacked of canned goods and toilet paper.

The farmer invited me back in two weeks.  He will have baskets of fresh strawberries.

And in the summer he will give me a bucket to pick wild blackberries at the back of his property.