Cloud Watching

Yesterday.  We walked through our neighborhood by the old oak trees that live in the field of wildflowers.  A lemon yellow butterfly bounced by in the sky.

Up the hills, in the small park above the ridge, sparrows covered the grass searching for seeds. I watched a vulture and red tail hawk share the sky.

I cloud watched.

Later, looking out my window,  I watched the clouds turn from angel soft white to thick dark steel grey. Heavy with rain. Sheets of light flashed and thunder roared. I listened in anticipation for rain.

After much thunder and lightning,  it poured from the dark skies in buckets.

Our parks and beaches are closing. I will miss seeing the ocean and hiking through the wild places.

In the meantime,  I will be with nature in my own backyard just like when I was a kid, my arms a cushion for my head, the lawn my bed, as I looked up into the sky and watched the clouds pass by.

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