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I love going to the library.  I go at least once, sometimes twice a week.  We have a great library just a couple of miles away that is well stocked with books, magazines and dvds.

At our local library,  they have a monthly book club and the chosen book is given away at no charge. In addition to the free book club choice,  they regularly give away classics like Walden.

Just a few months ago, my partner and I went to hear local author Greg Sarris who wrote the acclaimed book "Grand Ave", that was later produced by Robert Redford in a HBO mini series.  Before his talk, the library gave all 3 of Sarris's books for free, signed.

I miss the library.  All of our libraries are closed due to COVID 19.

My stack of books is dwindling.  I prefer reading what I call "real books" instead of downloaded or ebooks, but right now choices are limited.

I finally surrendered and downloaded Hoopla. Hoopla is an app that gives you access to all available movies, books, cds, etc from your local library.  For free! You just sign up and enter your library card number to register.

Last night, I downloaded three books and a movie. They have a fabulous collection of Independent and Foreign films that you can't find on Netflix.

So. Here I am. Hunkered down. Just like when I was a kid stuck in my suburban house, in my room shared with two sisters.  Back then, I found my corner, read my books and watched the birds out my window.

Nothing has changed.  Everything has changed.

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