Immune Boost

Golden Tonic 
Last time,  we were out at Jenner at the Sonoma Coast, I stopped over at the cafe and bought a small pouch of their golden tonic filled with turmeric,  immune boosting mushrooms,  spices and black pepper.  This was just days before the Shelter In order was placed.

The last few days seem like ground hog day. I get up, brew my coffee, add the golden tonic to my brew or add it later to hot almond coconut milk after my daily walk, go back upstairs with my coffee,  read the news, text friends, talk to family on the phone, do the laundry (I swear I do more laundry now then I did when I was working), scan recipes to inspire what I'm going to make for dinner, take my walk (the most peaceful time of the day), take my bath, read if I can concentrate (finishing one chapter is a success,  rereading same chapter at least half dozen times seems to be my new normal), have a snack, pick my brain trying to figure what I'm going to do for work that doesn't involve risking my life, read news, rinse, repeat.

Now. I understand why people choose to make art and craft. I wish I could go there, but I am so used to having my purpose in life intertwined with my job. My writing is my creative outlet along with taking some photos.

My joy and my hobby is going on backroads,  hiking at the coast and in the Redwoods,  birdwatching,  exploring what is around the next corner.  All of this is now on hold until the Shelter in Place orders are lifted in a month, maybe longer.  I find myself down, not feeling inspired. I know this feeling is temporary and from what I've read normal.

In a matter of two weeks I lost a job I loved and freedoms I cherish.

What to do.

Nothing.  Just allow for something to create from the space left open.

Easy to say. Hard to do.

I've been here before.

There are things happening.  Ideas and visions being birthed below the surface.  A whole new way of life and being rebirthing.

I know I can't and shouldn't try to force things to happen.  I just need to make the space so they can begin anew.

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