In Our Rooms

I've been taking an arsenal of herbs, vitamins, and immune boosting mushrooms to ward off the virus.

I don't like hospitals. I am 54 years old and I have not had to stay in one. I have no intention of changing that now.

So I keep taking the herbal cocktails.  Yesterday,  I ordered elderberry syrup and ashwagandha to add to my basket of tinctures,  sprays and pills that I keep next to my bed.

I was surprised to find them in stock as I've been looking for toilet paper and pasta online, and they disappear as soon as they hit my shopping cart at check-out.

I called my sister to tell her I was surprised to find the berries and herbs still available.  "Well", she said. "The media is telling people not to believe in herbal remedies. They could be hoaxes. "

"Well, they've worked for us. I don't get it." I said.

"That's why they burned the witches". She responded.

After running in and out of Trader Joe's yesterday at a fast sprint zigging zagging back and forth like a football receiver avoiding being tackled by people possibly carrying the virus, I went home and fixed myself an elixir.

Hot coconut milk with you got it! Immune boosting mushrooms,  turmeric, spices and black pepper.

I sipped the golden tonic banishing the people in space suits from my consciousness. I know they aren't bad people.  They are actually good people trying to take care of the sick, but deep down I know where I come from.

In the woods, where the witches dance, the fires cackle, the wolves howl, and the moon glows, I will find my way through this.