Moving Beyond Money

The virus is giving me the opportunity to envision a new way of living that I've been pulled towards since the Great Recession.

What is more important.  People. Animals. Nature. Money.

All of us make small choices everyday that affect the overall life and vision for living on our beautiful Earth.

Do we really need all of our wants. If we gave up our wants for the greater good, how does it feel?

Reading the news, that some politicians are nudging the country towards saving the economy and business interests while ignoring experts who have dire warnings if we don't follow strict practices to protect the whole, I find myself sad but not surprised.

We have seen this before.  How many times has an oil pipeline been forced upon a native community into a protected wilderness area. How many times has a forest been clear cut for short term profits with long term devastation.  How many times has over fishing and pollution caused extinction and suffering for the plants and animals in the sea.

Now, it's our time, when greed,  fear of loss of money, and the health of the economy may take precedence over people's lives.

During this time, it is time for us to envision a world beyond money. How can we live in community where food, shelter and health are needs met and creativity is a pursuit instead of consumerism.

I hope a major shift happens and we don't fall back on the comforts of denial and the history of repeating the same cycle over and over.

It's up to each of us to make the changes needed to create a shift.

What is important. People.  Animals.  Community.  The Earth. Consumerism.  Love. Greed. Fear. Hope.

Each one of us will need to act in the direction we want to go.

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