Moving forward

Sebastopol Orchard 
This morning we are thrift shopping again. I found a great deal, $8 for a pair of Dansko Clogs that run $130+ online.

I needed a good pair of shoes for work.  The clogs will be perfect.

It is rainy and the sky is grey. The yellow mustard flowers are blooming in the orchards. The hawks are out hunting.  I also bought two field guides at an estate sale this morning.  An identification guide on birds and a vintage Complete Field Guide to American Wildlife,  1959. Now, I can try to identify the Raptors that seem to flourish in our area.

I am trying not to engage in fear. There will always be deadly viruses,  firestorms,  floods, and mayhem.

I want to see and live in the beauty and miracle of life as long as I am here.

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