Nature Returns

In Venice, the waters are clearing. Since the shutdown during the virus and the crowds of tourists have literally vanished (Venice hosts 20 million visitors a year), the animals are returning.

Dolphins, fish, water birds and plant life are starting to flourish in the Venetian waters.

Last night as I read the news of nature returning to Venice in The Guardian, I started feeling the awakening,  the promise of a new world.

What if we spent these next few months, visioning a world stepping away from materialism, workaholism,  debt, and fast paced travel and consumerism. 

What if we took this time to invest in and create a new world that honors nature.  A world that embraces the present moment. What if we let go of greed? And acquiring stuff.  What if we created art, community,  and ecofriendly tourism and endeavors?
What if we planted food instead of shopping malls?

What if this virus is a wake up call from the Earth forcing us to stop and look within to find what is truly important in this life?

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