Not enough to Hoard

I will admit,  I am one of those shoppers online buying provisions for our one shelf pantry.

We are most definitely not hoarders.

I did buy a few boxes of Lenny and Larry's cookies. I can live off these jumbo protein packed rounds of goodness. One cookie keeps me full all day long, so I'm figuring I've got at least a months worth of food supply right there.

It hasn't even been two full days of Shelter In and I am going stir crazy. I am working on the laundry, for some reason I only want to eat peanut butter morning,  noon and night, some bizarre pregnancy like craving for a woman going through the last bits of menopause.

After the laundry, my mind is jumping around so much, I can't focus on reading or a Netflix binge, so I am going to pull myself together and go for a walk.

It's cold and grey outside,  again. Perfect weather for sheltering in. Something tells me a normal Northern California spring  day, sunshine 70s might be depressing right now unless I am on the way to the coast.

Which I plan on heading for this weekend.  If its crowded with other Bay Area escapees, we won't stop. I will just roll the window down and put my head out there, hair flying, happy, like a beach bum dog.

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