Not Taking it Personal

Mendocino,  California 
I am learning not to take criticism personal.  In my new job, I work with two nonprofits,  employees,  volunteers and guests.

I am the one who hears about what is going well and what is not going so well.

Everyone comes to me if there is an issue with the food, the service, another person or the policy.

Sometimes I can fix it. Sometimes I can't.  I always try. I always listen. I don't take it personal even if it's my mistake.

This is huge for me.

I used to take things so personal,  I would stress, become anxiety ridden, and toss and turn all night if someone was critical or not happy with me or around me. Sometimes my anxiety was so bad, I would break out in shaking sweats feeling like I was having a heart attack.

Now. I just breathe and listen to the complaints and concerns with my heart. My heart always has everyone's best interest at "heart". I take the time to come up with solutions without blaming anyone including myself when something goes wrong or isn't right.

Sometimes,  I still feel hints of shame after I I put myself out there trying to find solutions.  Sometimes I still can be a bit intense trying to get resolution.

I am getting better. I am getting older. I've seen this rodeo before.

Somehow, things work out. And if they don't, I can always try again with a good heart and good intentions tomorrow.

The warm breeze is bringing fresh air through my window.  The birds in the backyard are chattering.  The sky is blue and cloudless.

Soon. I will be lost in a book I bought yesterday.

I have pineapple rice with mixed veggies and szechuan gardein (vegetarian beef) prepped for dinner.

I am at peace.

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