Out of Hibernation

Maple in the neighborhood 

With so many of us out of work, myself included,  there is a great demand for food.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck,  lose your job and don't have money put aside for groceries,  that can be extremely scary.

The Calfresh program takes several days to weeks to provide about $200 a month in food stamps via a debit card and many people do not qualify and go hungry.

It is depressing enough to lose your job let alone have an empty pantry. I have always felt a full pantry gives us a feeling of abundance and hope especially during tough times.

My partner encouraged me to leave the house, even though I have hypertension and I'm high risk, to get out and do some good.

And I agree.

So, I've signed up as a volunteer for our local food bank. My first shift is on Wednesday.

I am really looking forward to going and helping people get fed!

I will take all the precautions to protect my self.

I want to look back at this challenging time and know in my heart that I gave.

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