Practicing Empathy

Two Mourning Doves on Lamppost

I wanted to scream out "Jesus Christ Almighty " when I read the warning from our local police department informing us that they are moving from educating to enforcing "sheltering in" by citations which mean fines and possibly jail time.


People are browsing the stores, hanging out with each other, and breaking the social distancing rule.

My dad frequently used the lord's name in vain when he was pissed off at us kids being wild or at an inanimate object he was trying to force his will to fix.

Today. I am going to be frank. I'm kind of pissed off at people ignoring or pretending they don't understand the order in place that is there for all of us. So we dont get sick or pass this nasty COVID 19 around.

A few days ago, we lost all access to our city, county, regional,  state and national parks because people could not hold it together and just take a nice walk and breathe. Nope, they chose to bring alcohol,  break the 6 foot social distancing rule, cross county lines, have a barbecue party and disrespect people's space.

Totally sucks. Some people suck.

There I said it.

Now. The leash is growing tighter.

And I totally get it. My little comforts right now are far less important than someone struggling to breathe on a ventilator, a nurse risking her life on the frontlines,  and a Walmart Employee packing my list of essentials.

Barbecues can wait. My jaunt to the sea can wait.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

It's only a few weeks,  maybe months out of a lifetime.

Let's get on with it and just stay home.