We are under Shelter In orders. What does that mean? I will have weeks, maybe months to explore it.

This morning,  I am in bed drinking coffee. I am in my pajamas like it's a sick day, but I am not sick.

Outside.  It is a heavy grey cold dark day. It is so quiet outside.  In the silence,  I can hear the crows calling back and forth close to me and from far off distances. Luckily,  the fast food drive thru's are still open. Crows love picking off the fries and burgers.

This morning,  I had a flicker of hope when I read this in our local paper.

Trying to stay fit?
Outdoor activity is explicitly identified in the order as an “essential” undertaking — as long as you can walk, hike, run or cycle at a distance of 6 feet from anyone else. You’re OK to travel to the coast or the country to embark on you adventure, as well. However, indoor gyms and other exercise facilities will remain closed to avoid virus transmission.

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