Slowing Down

Driving through one of the quaint towns usually jam packed with tourists,  I noted the shops and restaurants closed. The restaurants in this small town cater to the affluent.  Mostly tourists who can afford a  dinner with local wines that cost as much as many of us make in a week. Their parking lots were vacant with handprinted signs fluttering in the breeze with the words "take-out".  No takers waited in line.

As I passed by the shuttered stores and empty sidewalks,  I watched an opossum come up from the creek, cross the parking lot and stroll nonchalantly along the sidewalk bordering the closed up cafes and stores right in the middle of the lunch hour.

Fascinated,  I pulled over. She didn't give me a glance or change her pace.  A guy pulled up across the street from me, calling out of his window,  "Hey, what kind of animal is that".

I called back, "an oppossum", adding in they are "harmless".

He smiled sitting back in his truck from 10 feet away, from the opposite side of the road, "I guess the animals are taking back their town."

I  called back "yes, I think so", as the oppossum continued on her way.