During these challenging times, sheltering in, trying not to fixate on the virus, it's the simple things that help me get through the tough times.

A few months ago, my partner and I spent a beautiful weekend in Nevada City. During our travels,  we stopped by a used bookstore.  One of the most enchanting bookstore I've ever seen.  I found a vintage baking cookbook with hundreds of recipes and gave it to my dad for Christmas.

Tonight,  my mom ( both of us keeping a 6 foot distance from each other) dropped off one of the recipes my dads perfected from the book. Cinnamon rolls.

In his retirement,  my dad has found a new hobby, baking.

Tonight, my partner and I devoured the rolls, stuffed with cinnamon, sprinkled with walnuts, slathered in rich frosting.

Not a crumb left.

Its always the simple things.