Walking in Contemplation

Open Space across from Suburbia

How important is Open Space? 

Extremely important especially when all the City, Regional,  State, and National Parks are closed due to Covid 19.

This morning,  I got myself out of bed. I followed Elizabeth Gilbert's advice, how could I not. The author of Eat, Pray, Love abundantly shares her advice daily on how to navigate self isolation.  Writers are experts on hunkering down. 

Liz, I will use her familiar name since I feel a kinship having read her books and admired her writing for years, suggests we do two things, two things during sheltering in which will improve our day. Ready.

Make Your Bed.
Get Dressed.

And that's what I did. I made my bed. Got dressed. And I added a third task. Go for a walk.

This morning it was a frosty 37, but I got my butt moving, and braced for the chill. My East Coast friends will chuckle. And be appalled to hear many of my family members and friends avoid going outside unless it's a warm 65 and up. Seriously. Not joking.

I stepped out the front door of Suburbia trying to remain positive that I would and I was determined to see and feel the peace of nature on my walk and I did.

It was a journey,  zig zagging,  avoiding the first neighbor a block away, vaping, a huge cloud of smoke almost obscuring the dog by his side waiting patiently for her walk. I crossed the street and had to cross over again to give a 6 foot swath of area to 2nd neighbor muttering good morning as he hurriedly passed by in his pajamas. 

I am glad to see wearing pajamas in public is making a comeback.  It made me less self conscious going braless on my walk this morning.  I have to take freedom anywhere I can find it these days.

Back to nature. 

A few blocks from the house. Green. Lush. Oaks. Red Tail Hawks. A family of deer. Tweeting wildbirds. Open Space. 

Open Space. I was on the other side. A barbed wire fence securely in place preventing me from crossing over. Still. I could see it. I watched the crows chase the hawk. I listened to the sparrows chattering the morning away. I know the deer were hiding in there somewhere. 

On the way back, a pair of mourning doves cooed, landing on the lamppost above me.

Open Space.  Peace. Nature. 

Make your bed.
Get dressed. 
Take a walk.

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