What is Beyond Here

I am sitting in my car with my windows rolled down, finally breathing fresh air. I've been at home all day. I just came back from my first outing of the day, to pick up my final check.

On the way home,  I realized,  it became real to me, that I will not be visiting my sisters, my nieces and nephew,  my parents and my best friend for at least a few weeks, maybe months.

I don't think this has completely settled in for me.

I can see and I am experiencing the uptick in texts and phone calls and dark humor.  That's how we cope.

I am not on social media,  which feels like a blessing.  I think social media would be anxiety provoking for me, although many people may find comfort in it.

I spent the morning setting up a CSA for fresh veggies and fruits delivered weekly by our local farm. I ordered a mishmash of stuff from Walmart. My best friend told me, her husband and her went crazy on cereal buying yesterday.

We are all trying to make sense of no sense.

I am eager to go back out in nature.

Our shelter in order will be in effect by the end of the day.

So far, we can still take walks for physical and mental health and escape into nature as long as we stay six feet apart.