What is happening over there?

I am very curious to see what happens to our wild animal populations without the onslaught of people jet skiing, dirt biking, holding noisy campfires, and traipsing through the various parks in Northern California where I live.

I can see one of our Regional Parks from a block of open space near our home, but like all of us except a ranger or two, I am not allowed in.

I am happy for the animals to have peace and quiet away from us and at the same time, I miss them. And the trees. I am sure it is a healing, healthy space for the creatures on the other side of the open space without us there.

I hope when things loosen up, we can respect the wild spaces even more.

A few days ago, driving on the quiet highway by the Russian River on our way to the post office,  I saw what looked like a wood duck,  so colorful,  bobbing in the small ripples of water. It was a peaceful scene. In a couple of months, millions of tourists usually visit our County and thousands paddle and float down the river, many of them loud and drinking alcohol.  I'm sure there are locals as well.

There are many things I am looking forward to when the Shelter In order is lifted.

For now. I am grateful for the peace nature is experiencing without us.