Work Life Balance

I let work consume me especially when I love what I am doing.  I think about it, talk about it, and daydream about it.

I enjoy being consumed by work when things are going well.

When work is challenging,  I can overthink and throw my life off balance.  There are more important things for me than work.

My spirituality.  My peace  in nature. My creativity. My relationship.  My health. My friends.  My family.

Everything touches and connects with each other. I am creative in my work.  My sense of purpose is part of my spirituality.

Still. Work easily takes over my thoughts. And I lose my sense of peace and connection to something deeper when I am too intense at work.

This is how I am feeling now.

I am tired. I just woke up and I am tired. I need self care.

Self care for me is being close to my partner walking in nature, getting a massage or going to a hot spring, reading a good book, watching the ocean, going on a backroads,  baking a pie.

An activity or doing nothing as long as there is no goal or result required.  Just pure presence and joy.

The ultimate would be to practice pure presence in my work as well which I try to do. Waves of interruptions and trying to keep up with the flow of work can easily throw me off.

It is extremely important for my mental,  emotional,  spiritual and physical being to find sanctuary away from work.

Working part time, limiting work to 30 hours a week or less is part of the solution.

I am not my work.

I am more than my work.

My work does not define who I am.

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