A Space in the Garden

My corner of the yard
It's been several years since I planted my own garden. A garden takes time, patience and care. The last two years have been a whirlwind of going on backroads,  weekend trips,  a desert adventure to the Grand Canyon and back, free concerts in the park, changing jobs, settling into a new and wonderful relationship,  beach walks and bird watching.

Now. It is a new adventure.  An adventure to go deeper within, and a time to plant new seeds.

When I could feel things tightening up a couple weeks ago, in anticipation of being grounded, I ordered vegetable seeds.

I've cultivated several gardens in my life. Some with only a few dollars to spare, others with an open checkbook with easy access to water features,  weekend shopping sprees at boutique nurseries, paid gardeners, and garden art.

Today. I have about $20 for my garden project and a corner of a shared garden with other roommates.

At first glance, my heart sank, the task ahead felt daunting.

My seeds have not arrived yet. They are on their way.

This morning,  I put on my sandals and headed out to the yard and assessed the situation.  I found two faded plastic chairs, a wooden box and an abandoned lavender plant. I proceeded to create a sitting area. From there, I pulled empty containers arranging them around the new sitting area.

And then I sat, in my new area on one of the faded cobweb covered chairs and visioned.

A pigeon flew over. The birds in the trees next door started singing. I pictured myself watering tomatoes,  the scent of wet earth filling my senses,  the water from the hose dripping down my bare legs pooling under my barefeet.

Motivation set in.

I got up and started cleaning out the old leaves and roots from inside the containers. My hands doing much needed work. Digging and pulling, feeling the soil with their own intelligence.  My hands remembering how to prepare a space for life to come forth.

Taking a break to feel the sun.

I sat again, picturing myself with a glass of wine sharing stories with my partner in this sitting place inhaling the soft scent of citrus, the aromatic tomato and basil, watching the squash grow overnight, a majestic butterfly land on sweet nectar while a bee works furiously inside the petals of a flower nearby.

I could picture my mornings having my coffee sitting in the garden. Writing stories. Reading. Being.

The promise of a garden shows us how beginning with empty space, new life reveals herself in so many beautiful ways if we put in just a little bit of effort.