Bees at Work

This afternoon,  I was feeling sad and a bit down. I wanted to shift my energy or at least accept and be with it instead of struggling to make myself feel happy.

So I decided to plant seeds. I sifted through my packets and chose lemon cucumbers and tomatoes.

I prepared the soil feeling the warmth in my hands through my fingers. I planted the seeds in a large redwood container.  I watered the garden gently spraying the green bean seeds, red & green lettuces, the orange beets and squash. The birds squabbled in the tree next door.  I could feel the sun on my face. I watched a cute bumblebee bee-they are pretty cute, aren't they- harvest nectar from the lavender plant I transferred to the garden. My garden is growing attracting new life as I watched a tiny mottled white butterfly float through the sitting area.

After, I watered everything.  I sat in my chair facing the garden. A honey bee landed exploring the purple flowers of the lavender.  I watched him gather nectar.  He took his time choosing each blossom with concentrated efficiency.  I noticed his color, his body the color of honey, the distinct black stripe. A sense of timelessness held us both. I was anywhere and everywhere. Lost in the moment.

Time stopped. I felt infused with a peacefulness I haven't felt for a long time.

I sat in my chair and watched the honeybee collect what he needed until he flew off to create honey in another world not so far away.

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