Cherish this Life

Bodega Bay before Sheltering In
My uncle died at sea when I was in elementary school.  He was a fisherman who worked out of Half Moon Bay.

My mom said her last conversation,  the last time they saw each other.  They danced together and he told her, he was living the best time of his life, doing what he loved.

Doing what you love no matter the cost.

Times like these remind me how important it is to cherish life. I am fortunate to be here. How do I honor my life and the people who have gone?

I push passed fear and I live the life I was born to live not the life others think I should live.

It is a daily challenge to live your best life. A best life for me doesn't mean fame or fortune or doing something "BIG".

For me. It is the small choices I make everyday to live a good life.

Small choices.

Living simply.
Being authentic.
Not wanting or waiting for approval.
Being kind.
Learning and practicing how to listen without judgement.
Doing work I believe in.
Having some things, not needing and wanting everything.

Small choices.

Everyday.  Small choices.