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Yesterday,  I looked out my bedroom window and caught the robbers stealing my seeds, eating to their hearts delight.

I was wondering why my lettuce wasn't sprouting.  Until, I saw the pair of house sparrows, one at a time hopping down from the roof into my Redwood container inhaling the seeds like they were at an all you can eat buffet.

House sparrows.  The non native species that share much of our own qualities as humans. They are known to evict bluebirds and steal their nesting spots, they suck nector out of flowers like slurpees, they push and bully the native birds out of prime food sources.

I watched the bullies decimate my seeds leaving the squash alone. Too much trouble.  They went after the small and vulnerable.

I let go of the curtain. I couldn't watch the heist any longer.

At least we will have zucchini.  Lots of zucchini.

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