Giving Spirit a Breath

This morning,  I felt the pull to paint. I have one small canvas left.  After, a cup of coffee with buttered toast. My favorite breakfast. And a long chat with my sister on the phone. I unwrapped the plastic from the canvas and picked out colors that spoke to me of Spring Days.

I let my spirit play. I had an idea in my head but my spirit had other ideas so I let her play with textures and color.

I don't know what I am doing painting.  I just know something deep inside wants to speak through the brushes.

And so I am jumping in like I do with my writing.

And let's see what unfolds.

Today, it's sunny. My seeds in the garden are feeling the warmth.

Later, in the week, I will plant more.  So far, green beans,  red and green lettuce, and orange beets are starting their new life underneath the rich dirt.

May you find the new life underneath the fertile soil as well.

Wishing you a beautiful sunny day inside or outside.

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