Hot and Stir Crazy

Riches do not delight us so much with their possession, as torment us with their loss.
Dick Gregory 

Yesterday.  It was hot. Hot. Hot.

My partner and I sat on the front porch drinking beer waiting for my friend Stephanie to drop off homemade garlic dip and homemade salsa. Curbside.  She has reinvented herself and her business practically overnight since the virus hit.

And still through this, she shines. No complaints.  She is feeding people and taking care of herself. She is up for the challenge.

I usually don't drink beer on a porch. The weather and company warrants change.

Earlier,  we watched a Bob Marley concert from the mid seventies.  Before Marley came out, Dick Gregory paced the stage, not with a comic routine, but a call to action.  A call to love. Back in the mid seventies,  there were challenges just like today. In this time capsule,  Gregory talked about injustice and how we need to lift our voices. "Boat People are not Boat People.  They are People ".

Words of truth then. Words of truth today.

In our overheated bedroom with the sun baring down, our skin bare, we listened to Bob Marley and watched him dance.

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