It's not Luck

Homemade Dinner

My friend texted me this morning that I'm lucky I don't have bills.

I answered yep without really saying how I felt.

First off. I do have bills. I don't exist on air alone. I pay rent, car insurance, taxes, cellphone and I pay for my food.

I do have minimal bills. I designed it that way. After losing everything in the Great Recession without Government help. They chose to bail out the banks instead of people losing their homes. I decided to never put myself in that position again. I didn't want to go through the pain and distress, the night knawing anxiety ever again.

So, it wasn't luck this time around.

I chose to minimize my expenses and I am living a mostly stress free life because of it.

I have had to make trade offs and sacrifices. I live in a community living situation that reduces my rent. I pay about a quarter of what most people pay in this area. I cook most of the time and eat out rarely. I don't shop unless I need an essential item and or a well thought out item that will enhance life not distract from it. I don't enjoy shopping anymore. It's not a hobby for me. I rarely buy new books. I go to the library instead of  purchasing books which was a favorite shopping activity in the past. We picnic most of the time when we go on backroads.  I drive a hybrid, it saves on fuel. I buy my clothes at thrift shops instead of boutiques. I don't charge up my credit cards. I pay them off every month.

I am not perfect!

I work at my finances every day. I still make mistakes.

I  am not lucky. I've just learned that I prefer to live well below my means instead of struggling to stay afloat.

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