Sowing Seeds

Lettuce Seeds

Today is a good day to plant lettuce seeds. And so that's what I did. I waited for the light rain to take a break, and then I ran out barefoot to the sitting area, picked a redwood planter, sifted the seeds under a handful of soft soil,  placed them inside and covered them lightly with another handful of soil and came back in before getting soaked.

I love gardening barefoot.  I have to feel the earth under my feet when I sow seeds, water, weed and harvest. There is something there, something from childhood days of being barefoot and free making mud pies and flower perfume by soaking petals in water containers and keeping a carousel of snails in grass bedded buckets that keeps me from wearing shoes in the garden.

I want to be one with the earth, the animals, the spirit of the plants that live in the backyard.

I am remembering nature and who I am by touching the earth from under my feet.

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