Never a Good Time

It has never been a good time to follow my dreams.

Most of my life I did not have enough money to follow my dreams.

When I did have enough money, I didn't have enough time to follow my dreams.

Following my dreams initiated sacrifices. I don't like sacrifices.  I like to hold onto everything I want and follow my dream at the same time.

Ha! The universe laughs. For me. There is always a sacrifice. 

I am pulled forward to follow my dreams and hope the net I have placed is as secure as possible.  And sometimes I just have to jump because no net is secure enough.

I am propelled to expand and move forward because becoming stagnant is death. Death to my spirit. Death to the soul. No matter how scary and unpredictable change is.

It is necessary for me to live a full life.

It can be as simple as picking up a paint brush to paint whether I am good or not. It could mean paying $20,000 for a dressage horse and quitting dressage because she hated it and wanted to be my friend instead.

It means quitting a job with full time benefits to live below the poverty level, limp along,  grow my empathy muscles and be in the struggle washing dishes in a commercial kitchen with the rest of us.

Today. It is sorting through clothes, packing and getting ready for the next adventure having absolutely no idea where we are going.

Just knowing at some point,  we are going.

Dreams are risks.

Sometimes I have failed miserably at following my dreams, but when I look back, I have no regrets.

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