Never too Early to be Prepared

Camping Food
One of the projects I've been working on during Shelter in Place is preparing and packing my backpack for future travel.

Right now, due to some shortages,  it is taking longer to gather and update my list items and that is one of the big reasons I am sharing this post and my list with you.

I am really excited and looking forward to backroads,  hikes and travel when restrictions are lifted. I am not so looking forward to fire season which is less than three months away.

Yikes! My California friends, please don't be discouraged.

I will tell you a funny story.

When we evacuated from the Tubbs fire in October 2017, I ran out of the house barefoot,  no purse, no cash, no cards and in my pajamas.  The fire was less than a mile away and I could see it like red molten lava heading what looked like our way.

Needless to say I was miserable in the car with three dogs panting on me, shoeless and no money until my nephew met us at the parking lot in Petaluma,  saw my barefeet and bought me some clogs at Orchard Supply when they opened in the morning.

I wasn't prepared.

You would think I learned.  Nope.

When we left to avoid the smoke and sirens during the Kincade Fire last year, I pulled my rolling purple suitcase out the door haphazardly packed. At least I had shoes and money this time.

Three years later. I get it. I am packing a backpack and it will be ready to go any day year round.


Big but.

I am calling it my travel bag. I want to remain positive and hopeful.

I have created a list which is quite long because it's really a packed bag for traveling from Portland to Maui for example and sets me up for success camping part of the way.

A  "dare I say it" disaster bag would probably not require all of these items.

This is what I am packing for my travel bag although my partner offered to carry the heavy stuff like tent, etc. and I am carrying the snacks. Snacks are a must have!!

By the way, I am finding the Knorr side dishes to be perfect quick camping food, just add hot water. These would have been extremely convenient during our stay at the KOA during the Tubbs fire.

So here's the list. I am so curious what my Northern California friends pack in their "go to bags".  And what they forgot that they wish they hadn't! Please feel free to leave comments!

In the next few weeks,  I will have photos of packed bag to show you.

Be safeđź’›

My Travel Pack List

Knorrs Pasta & Rice packets
Chicken and Tuna packets
Trail mix
Dried fruit
Oatmeal Packets
Granola Bars

Cooking kit
Water bottles
Water purifier tablets

Sleeping Bag

Face Mask

Rain jacket
Puffy jacket
Water proof pants
Board shorts
Hair Bluffs
Sports bra
Thermal leggings (under armour) type
Hiking socks
Hiking boots
Keen Sandals

Print out Maps
Mobile device & earphone
Power pack
Hand sanitizer
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Coconut oil
Bronners Soap
First aid kit
Drivers License
Credit & Bank Cards
$100 cash in small bills
Ziplock bags
Notebook & Pen

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