Nothing Fancy

Banana Nut Muffins 
This morning,  it's grey and cold. I found overripe bananas in the fruit bowl. I pulled out the flour from the pantry, added baking soda, a cup of applesauce, salt to taste, and chopped walnuts to the mix, and topped off with cinnamon crumbles. I didn't have time to check a recipe,  my coffee was brewing and I haven't had my first cup yet.

No time to waste.

Wasting time.

Sipping on my hot coffee, while the muffins bake, I decided to look up ideas on how not to waste. The internet was flooded with ideas on HOW NOT TO WASTE TIME.

Being a Worker Ant most of my life,  living under one bosses thumb or another, those five words screamed out at me. Being a manager myself over the years, I admit to being a tyrant myself at times, although I tried my damndest not to be. It doesn't feel good to push and exhaust every moment in time.

Sitting here. Not being employed.  Yet. Still working. Blogging, cooking, baking, gardening, creating, being. I feel those words embedded in my psyche.

The internet is crammed with loads of "helpful advice" on how not to waste time, how to be more productive - in other words how to make more money for oneself and more importantly for the company or corporation you are tied to.  This push for productivity unsettled me. It doesn't  feel good.

There was no mention in the saturated link upon link of how to create something orginal.   How to be comfortable taking some space and doing nothing. how to look within and bring forth your souls desire, how important it is to be present with life, with your family,  your animals,  in nature or in the work you "how dare you love" do.

I was thinking how some politicians must be twisting and turning, gyrating in pain seeing so many of us plebeians "doing nothing " right now. THEY ARE OUT THERE WASTING TIME.  We need to get them back to work as soon as possible.

It is so dangerous to waste time.

God forbid, we might wake up and decide not to go back to work, to old ways of thinking.

Oh the utter horror of it all, we might decide to create art, play with our children and pets, find other ways to prosper, plant gardens, share food!, take care of each other, start getting along, spend time in nature, heal ourselves and the Earth.

We might decide that wasting time is a good thing after all.

And big surprise!

The Earth still moves and creates beneath our feet everything we need.

We might get used to these new ideas and create a new world.

And find that wasting time is what we needed so desperately after all.

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  1. Thank you for the recipe. And... I've been enjoying the slow down and family time... Of course, I hate that John is not here - living elsewhere as he works in the ER...