Parlez-Vous Francais

Vintage bible of French cuisine 
Bon Appetit.
Bon Voyage.

That's about all I can come up with this Tuesday morning,  fuzzy, drinking my coffee, waking up from a hangover from a way over the top sugary dessert I made us last night.

I am immersed in a language course learning French for free on the app Duolingo.  And thoroughly enjoying it. I have dreams of visiting France, Montreal and returning to the island of Moorea in Tahiti to swim with the manta rays again.

I love to travel and that's why learning a new language,  practical or not, and losing myself watching International Films are pure fun escapes for me.

My partner loves to travel as well. On our weekend mornings, after he comes home from work and every evening before we sleep we talk of travel. Will we go by car, van, plane, train or backpack it? What National Park, backroad,  island, or country will we go to first when the orders are lifted, how will we sustain our journey,  what will we eat, what should we pack.

We have already traveled to the deserts of California and Arizona,  staying over a week in the Grand Canyon where the average tourist spends only two hours, we have explored almost every mile of the North Bay, East Bay, SF, and Sacramento.  Nevada City and Grass Valley, Mendocino from the forest to the coast.

Before the virus, every day off, we would hit the road walking, taking public transit, driving, hiking.

Now. We are grounded.  Dreaming.

All of my life except for the last 2 1/2 years I traveled alone or with a friend or family member.  I always wanted a partner to travel with. I fantasized about it constantly.  Not having a partner did not keep me from traveling,  though.

I traveled the backroads every day with my dogs for company.  I hopped on a plane to Mexico with a pillowcase stuffed with books as my traveling companion before the Kindle and spent several days in Maui shipping pineapples and macadamia nut cookies back home to friends and family. I stayed in Mendocino and took business trips any chance I could ordering room service for breakfast.  I loved traveling solo, it was a rich fulfilling life changing experience. 

I cried too, traveling solo. I was extremely lonely at times, sobbing into my pillow wishing for a soulmate,  one time I was sick for two days in my hotel room, pleading for the hotel staff to bring me aspirin. they compassionately came to my rescue.

It can be uncomfortable going on your own. It is so worth every second of it.

Most of my life I have been alone. Even now with an incredible loving partner,  I am alone at times.

I value alone time.

I don't know when we will be able to travel.  Three months.  Six months. A year,  hopefully not two from now.

That doesn't keep me from dreaming and planning.

I know someday, we will open the front door and step out to face another journey together.

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