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Flatbread Pizza

Last night,  I made pizza on flatbread. I added pesto for the sauce, gardein veggie Italian veggie sausage,  mushrooms,  feta, and sweet peppers.  Turned out really well.

Late last night, I made the mistake of reading too much news. Not good.

I am committed to living a good life during the virus. Living here in Northern California we have to face fire season and now the virus.  I can't let fear, guilt or sadness overwhelm my life. This is my new normal. I know I can love life through this, enjoy nature, give, and create during this time. There will always be a challenge.  

And the challenges will be tough moving forward. 

A generous reader donated a gift on my blog through the link and I was able to order a reasonably priced laptop.  I am so grateful and excited.  I have been writing my blog through my small phone which has been frustrating. I forge through, because I am called to write.  The laptop is an incredible gift. I will be able to research topics efficiently and hopefully write longer pieces for the blog and contemplate a book. A book I can self publish and offer here.

There are so many good things happening in the world. 

I am reading multiple stories of animals stretching their wings with more space available during our human quarantine,  pollution clearing, and people digging deep finding their purpose. 

One of the most beautiful sights was a jellyfish swimming so elegantly through the Venice canal. I've posted it below, it was breathtaking.   Enjoy. 

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