Quarantine Cooking Party

I've been having fun taking photos and video for a Quarantine Cooking Community I was invited to join on social media.

I tend to complain about the negativity of social media, but this group is a rare exception.  Thanks Wendy! for the invite.

This is tonight's video I shared with the group.

I'm making an easy vegetarian pasta with Gardein Veggie Italian Pasta. Usually,  I would add more mushrooms and garlic, but I am trying to economize because of the long periods between grocery deliveries.

After I combine the sauce with pasta, I top it off with a good sprinkle of nutritional yeast (takes place of parmesan) and a drizzle of fancier olive oil.

We eat mostly plant based vegan and/or vegetarian but we try not to turn away food shared by our friends and relatives even if it doesn't fit our normal diet.

I guess you could say, we are opportunists! And enjoy food.

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