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Veggie Asian Chicken Salad
There is so much to love about,  where I live, in Sonoma County.  Although the housing costs are astronomical and if you want to live here on a modest income, it will take grit and sacrifice,  I would not pick a better place to live.

One of the best reasons I can offer besides our microclimates,  the Redwoods,  the Russian River,  Bodega Bay, wetlands,  and the mayacamas mountain range along with all our tax payer supported parks is our community.

We come together during floods, firestorms and now the deadly virus.

When the 2017 Tubbs firestorms hit, my pet sit clients displaced by fire called me for help. Two phone calls later, and my friend Deborah at Goatlandia was there, driving her trailer through evacuated areas to rescue the animals. Another call and Western Farm, our local feed store was there with hay.

It can be that easy.  Help. A phone call away. In a community that puts class, cultural and political differences aside to be there, to help.

I see it now, with the virus.

My friends post photos of food drives. Several happening in different locations throughout the county everyday for people who have lost jobs.

So much abundance here because of generosity.

I always feel safe here, where I live, in Sonoma County no matter what disaster befalls us, because of the people.

Because of our community.

Last night, I made dinner. Salad greens from Laguna Farms, a local farm. With beets, I cooked on the stove, same farm. Celery and other veggies from a farm a mile from here. Sesame oil,  and yum yum sauce for dressing. I added gardein veggie chicken I fried in a bit of coconut oil.  Veggie Asian chicken salad. It was delicious.

When, I have a full pantry,  I feel abundance.

That's what the people in our community understand too. That's why so many of us around here make sure no one goes hungry.

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