This morning I started late for my walk. It was really warm by the time I hit the sidewalk. I enjoy walking in cool weather,  not so much if its higher than mid 70s.

Walking through the neighborhood,  I could see people are keeping themselves busy during this time, trimming and weeding.  Almost all the yards look clean and tidy. There was one house with cigarette butts piled around the tree out front leading all the way back up to the path reaching the front door steps.

I'm not a snob. I don't care or complain about overgrown lawns, brambles and peeling paint.

I don't get pollution though, when it can harm others. Tossing cigarettes and garbage. How can that feel good?

It's one of those things I struggle to live with. Witnessing how some of us can be so destructive.

I passed by a tall field of purple weedlike flowers. I would love to study botany and learn more about plants. I couldn't identify these. I've posted a photo below. If you know what they are, please feel free to leave a comment!

The bumblebees were buzzing all over them and I spotted a ­čÉ× ladybug on one of the flowers. It was good to see a robust population of insect life in a condensed area of buildings, houses and schools. Just one small lot, undeveloped, full of life.

Last night I had a panic attack and couldn't breathe. My partner helped me pull out of it. It's the worst attack I've ever had. Essential oils and a shower helped.

No more news for me. It is inflammatory, divisive and fear mongering no matter what side I agree with. I will get what I need from our county and city alert system.

I want peace in my life. And information I can access to make good decisions. If I need facts I will seek them out at my library or reading in depth by using my hoopla app.

When I was young, the nightly news was a half hour a day and the morning paper. If you wanted to indulge, that was more than enough.

I am breathing better after last night.

This afternoon, I'm going to grab a good book and read.

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