Sitting the Sun

Open Space by my House

My best friend texts me. "I've been snacking so much".
I text her back. "It's a mad world. It's okay."

I have a pantry full of flour, muffin mixes, secret sauces, every canned food you can think of, pasta, truffle salt, a frig and freezer full of veggies, fruit, nutmilks, miyoko butter, coconut butter, soy sauce, yum yum sauce, on and on it goes.

At lunchtime, I make a simple sandwich and sit on the porch with a glass of water watching the street for signs of life like a latchkey kid waiting for a playmate.

I sit in the sun for twenty minutes trying to zap the virus with sunbeams.

I go back inside the house. I read one sentence of news. California may run out of hospital beds by mid May.

I cut myself a major break. 

I can have as many simple sandwiches as I want sitting in the  sun while sunbeams dance and birds sing.

That's all I need and want.

It's that simple.

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