Soup on Easter

Yesterday our Easter was quiet. No big family celebration. The sky lit up under clouds and we had an unexpected thunder storm.  The garden was drenched, so I won't need to water today. My seeds are down in there somewhere, germinating,  I hope.

My partner made 3 quarts of potato salad.

We had lots of extra veggies, so I made 4 quarts of minestrone,  now in the freezer.

It turned out to be a homestead food prep day.

Minestrone is so simple to make.  I add lots of olive oil into a big stock pot, chop up onion and garlic to start the saute, after onions are translucent,  start adding all the chopped veggies you want to use up, and lots of water. I add veggie bouillon too. Simmer for awhile than add a can of tomato sauce, can of crushed tomatoes, or leftover spaghetti sauce. And some pasta shells. Keep adding water so you have a good broth. Add salt, pepper, some dried and fresh Italian herbs to taste. Did I forget something? What do you put in your minestrone?

Simmer until veggies and pasta are soft with no crunch.

When I serve it, I like to add a dollop of pesto if I have it. A nice piece of toasted buttered garlic bread is the perfect companion.

Minestrone is so simple and easy to freeze if you make a big batch. I think of it as the banana bread of soups.

Get all the veggies in there before they go bad.

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