Sprouting Spring

The squash and cucumbers, maybe a tomato are springing upward. We just finished a really warm spell. This morning is overcast and cooler.

I am hopeful a few sunflowers, lettuce and eggplants survived the house sparrow onslaught.

My roommate is going to set up bird feeders for a distraction.

Last night, the warm breeze came in through our soft white curtains as we ate dinner and listened to the blues. I cooked up a meal that reminded me of childhood.  Rice, meat (gardein), a veggie (beets) and bread roll.

The sounds of Mississippi blues, and my roommate outside under the dark sky sweeping the garden set a gentle tone. The rhythmic sound of the broom and the old record playing, the humid warm air, the easy conversation, as evening passed into dark night brought me a comfort and sense that everything is alright.

Slowing down the pace, I find my peace.

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