Tense Times

My neighborhood 
My partner and I got into an argument over a kohlrabi.

These are tense times.

I don't get the reason why we had a fight over a kohlrabi just like I can't tell you the best way to make a dish that tastes good with a kohlrabi.

A kohlrabi doesn't taste like much of anything. It is missing the sweet.  My opinion.  I will leave it at that.

My best friend told me, her and her husband argued over poo this morning.  Dog poo.

We are 14 days into Shelter In, staring down another 30, God help us, maybe more days after that.

We are facing a deadly virus and we are fighting over Kohlrabi and Poo. If my last days on this planet are about shit like this, I'm going to be real pissed off choking my way to the hospital.

I think we all need a break.

Back to what is important.  What is important? It changes by the minute.

After our argument,  I made a potato salad. It was comforting.  I boiled the potatoes.  I boiled the eggs. I read my book, two sentences,  about all I could muster.

I chopped purple onion, some dill, added mayo, a dollop of dijon, and sea salt. I didn't have olives. I like black olives in my potato salad.  No olives. These days, we go without.  No quick runs to the store.

I mixed the eggs and potatoes with the chopped stuff and condiments.  It is cooling down in the frig.