Through Struggle

California Poppy
I haven't seen my dad for over a month. He is diabetic and has health challenges that leave him extremely vulnerable to any virus especially COVID 19.

My mom has come by our house a couple of times to drop off bread and cinnamon rolls my dad bakes. I stand out on the porch and wave to her from twelve feet away as she places our homemade goodies on the back trunk of my car. She wears a mask>-starting April 17th, in Sonoma County by public health order, all of us  will be required to wear masks outside of our homes to protect each other.

Like all of us, I haven't been able to visit siblings, nieces or nephew, aunts and cousins, friends or engage in conversations with friendly neighbors or out of towners.

I text and talk on the phone with my family and friends every day more often now than when we saw each other in person.

When, I talk to my mom from the porch, we can't believe how "normal and adaptable " this is.

And I guess, the reasons why we are adaptable and don't complain about it to each other. We don't want to chance it. We don't want to take a risk. We don't want to see any of us die.

We want to all pull through and if that means no summer barbecues,  no weekends away, no sharing coffee at the kitchen table, or Birthday parties.

So be it.

I am just grateful,  we are all doing. All my friends and relatives are all doing alright.

Our restrictions are short term.

We want  all of us here and more time left to get together when it's over.

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