Watching the Falcons

Sonoma Coastal Prairie 
One of the things I miss most during Shelter In, is our backroad trips. I love looking out the car window searching for hawks and falcons. Sometimes,  my partner will pull over at an ideal spot on the way to the Sonoma Coast.  I take out my binoculars and watch the hawks circle and when I am lucky enough, study them hang in flight like they are treading water searching for prey.

Once in a while, a falcon will land on a fence post. I am still learning how to identify them. I know we must have several species in the area.

Right now, I am homebound and watch the redtail hawk circle in the sky while I read my Birdmania book anxiously waiting to hike out at the coast to bird watch.

In Birdmania,  I finished a fascinating passage about the Bedouin who have kept falcons for hundreds of years. The falcons are family,  kept like precious children.

Falcons carry passports, and can fly first class without a carrier. In Abu Dhabi, there is the largest falcon hospital in the world run by a woman, Veterinarian Margrit Muller.  I have posted a video below showing the high tech falcon hospital and some of the procedures performed there.

Staying home can be frustrating at times. I live in close quarters with my partner and roommates in a community living situation.

I am finding that studying books and film about art and wildlife keep my spirits up and increase my knowledge so that when I do get to explore again, it will be a richer experience.

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