One Eye

 Virus Painting in the works
We all see differently with one Eye- I


thought to myself as I painted listening to Bob Dylan.

My strokes are bold. I can't stay in the lines. My perception seems off. Some things seem larger than life overtaking what is real and solid.

I see this as what I paint appears before me in tiny pricks of flickers and huge sweeps of color. The virus looms large and bigger than life while my cows grazing are specks now in my universe.

I am safe at home. Restricted. The cows are somewhere out there grazing on lime lamented fields and I have a window to the clouds.

We all see differently with one eye.

No one is right. No one is wrong. It is a loss of perspective.

I paint a woman inside my tree and the brush is taken away and before me, my goddess morphs into a mushroom heading for the menacing virus.

I laugh. It makes sense. We inhale and take tinctures of immune boosting mushrooms three times a day to ward off the "enemy".

Is the virus an enemy?

For us, humans, most definitely yes.

For the animals, the environment,  that is getting a much needed break from us. Our insatiable appetite of consumption,  stopped in its tracks.

It's perspective.

If I could keep the virus to slow us down to really see how we are damaging the earth, and hand back the sickness and death. I would.

I don't have that power. So, it's a mute, impotent dream.

All I can hope is that we wake up and don't go back to old ways that cause destruction when the virus goes away.

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